Project Description


Occupation: AD 1025-1125
Structure: 4 stories, 290 rooms, 17 kivas, 2 great kivas
Size: 8,990 square meters (96767 square feet)
Length: 81 meters principal wall (268 feet)
Trailhead: 9 km (5.5 miles) west of Visitors Center off Canyon Loop road
Trail: 0.4 km (1/4 mile)
Elevation gain: 3 meters (9 feet)
Time: 25-40 minutes

This great house is the fourth largest in the Chaco region. Two excavations have been carried out here by Neil Judd from 1923-1927 as part of the National Geographic Expedition. Then, Leland Abel and Gordon Vivian of the National Park Service in 1950.